How to identify issues and ways forward

2.A. Try it: SWOT analysis

All teachers and educators start the course year designing the right lesson plans for a class of around 25 to 30 students each with their own skills, learning abilities and interests. Add variable "different cultures" to the equation and you will have challenges to face that go beyond a lesson plan. How can we respond to this reality? What is needed to manage multicultural classes? How can we ensure the success of each one of our students?

We invite you to implement the SWOT strategy in order to identify the main challenges we face up regarding Education and migrant students. The idea is to create four groups of no more than 5 participants each to discuss on the following suggested issues related with multicultural education:

  • Education in contemporary multilingual and multicultural contexts.
  • How to establish active links between school, home and the community.
  • How to develop learners' plurilingualism.

The final product will consist on a series of agreements able to generate an action plan. Think about:

  • What are the next steps?
  • What actions are appropriate?
  • What has been learned? What is my commitment?

For a SWOT study template, click HERE.