Dialogical Literary Gathering

5.2. What to read and Why


One of the basic keys in the development of a dialogical literary gathering is the reading of classics of world literature. Classics of world literature are literary works worldwide recognized as masterpieces of literature. They are also works that reflect in depth and with an exquisite quality the major issues that concern humanity: love, life, death, values, moral, religion, etc. Reading classic literature helps us to understand the universal culture and the history of societies, to think about the world and understand the past history to understand our present. These works are timeless and continue attracting people through generations.

Moreover, classics of world literature allow people who do not have academic training or a university degree to approach quality literature. In the case of children from cultural minorities, this kind of literature not only raises their cultural and learning level, but transforms the expectations of the environment towards academic possibilities, opening the door to academic success (Flecha 2000).