Dialogical Literary Gathering

5.4. Benefits of Dialogical Literary Gatherings

Dialogical literary gatherings offer a wide range of benefits among which the following can be mentioned:

    A) In the case of students:

  • Raise children's interest in reading.
  • Improve reading skills and literacy.
  • Increase communicative competence and the ability to argue and express personal reflections and ideas.
  • Promote solidarity, tolerance and respect toward others and their opinions.

    B) In the case of parents, families or adults in general:

  • Stimulate reading interest in people who have never read a book.
  • Encourage reflection and dialogue.
  • Attract families to the school centre to share reflective times and spaces.
  • The participation of families of different cultural backgrounds enriches discussions and positively affects the learning of children.
  • Generate new educational experiences and expectations and improve the learning climate in the family.