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A description of the course

A description of the course

Site: ECML - Moodle | Community
Course: Virtual Open Course (VOC): Collaborative Community Approach to Migrant Education
Book: A description of the course
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Date: Saturday, 4 July 2020, 7:45 AM

1. What is this online course about?

In this on-line course we explore new ways of enhancing young migrants┬┤education by developing stronger links between schools, the home and communities. We provide the opportunity for professionals in education to be active agents in :

  • creating an inclusive learning environment
  • identifying issues and ways forward
  • challenging attitudes
  • opening the classroom to the community
  • working towards literacy
  • making space for learners┬┤ languages
  • creating multilingual resources

2. Who is this course for?

This course is for professionals in education working both in formal and informal, multilingual environments.

It addresses the needs of a range of stakeholder groups, including:

  • mainstream school teachers across all sectors (pre-school, primary and secondary;  language teachers, subject-specialists)
  • complementary school/heritage languauge teachers
  • teacher educators
  • school psychologists
  • teaching assistants
  • administrators
  • parents/caregivers
  • community organisations

The following icons will help you identify in each section of the course the context the activities could take place:

Formal context 
Informal context

3. How can this course help me?

This course will provide research-based evidence and strategies for intercultural and multilingual learning. It will help those involved in education to access a body of knowledge relating to inclusive educational practices in a clear, concise and accessible format.

It includes relevant theories and inclusive practical approaches for achieving collaboration between schools and communities as well as the creation of multilingual materials to engage and motivate all learners.

It showcases a wealth of innovative practices and activities to be used in a range of educational settings which promote learning through languages.

4. How do I use this course?

This collaborative community approach to education can be used either as a complete course or alternatively you may prefer to pick and mix from the various components to suit your needs.

 This online course can be used for different purposes:

1.- Self-training

This course will help you to reflect on your own professional practices, discover innovative and inclusive strategies and deepen your understanding of working with learners from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

2.- Training others.

Trainers in multilingual educational settings will find a wealth of inspiring ideas, strategies and materials which they can adopt and adapt to the needs of their own contexts.

3.- Adapting it for different contexts.

You may prefer to download the complete course, adapt it or translate it for use on a different online Moodle platform. Please feel free to use the following .mbz file for these purposes.  

5. Terms of use

This is an open-access module distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.