Challenging our own attitudes

3.2. What participants say about Problem Based Learning

(Initial teacher education for future nursery and primary teachers, post-course feedback, Mary & Young, 2010).

[PBL] allows you to ask questions, to think things over together, to exchange with each other and in this way to learn from your peers while being confronted with a problem situation that you must resolve.

What was interesting was to confront different ideas and to combine them to see how we could put them into practice. I already had some ideas concerning the subject, but the group work allowed me to find more suggestions.

Through pertinent group work where each person was able to contribute something, we built up some ideas around how we would manage the possible case of a child recently arrived from abroad, the different languages and consequently the academic and social integration of a pupil who is different. We were able to imagine concrete situations and discuss them within our group in order to overcome our difficulties and to consider such a situation in a more confident way.