1.2. Engaging families of newcomer students

Family involvement has often been cited as a predictor of student success.  However, in the case of families of newcomer/migrant students, linguistic and cultural differences can impact the extent of parental involvement and  how they view their role in their child's education. Therefore, it is important to create a strong bond between the families of newcomer students and schools. 

Research supports building a whole school approach to help make all newcomer  students and their families feel welcome, safe and supported .  When educators are responsive to the unique needs of newcomer/migrant students they can help to foster a caring environment, and create a sense of community. Procedures and practices need to be in place to welcome newcomer students and their families.

View these YouTube videos to explore strategies to engage parents of newcomer/migrant students with school. 

Creating a Welcoming Environment for ELL Families

ELL Parent Engagement

Encouraging Parents to Learn 


question markReflection:  After viewing the videos, reflect on the following: 

Which of the strategies discussed in the videos will you try in your own classroom or school to engage families?